Company Information

  • COLORS’s Vision
  • Creating a company where All people in the COLORS-GROUP Are full of happiness And are loved.
  • COLORS’s Five Missions
  • Innovation
    Creating new value to provide them to customers.
    Don’t be content with the present Continue to challenge yourself and grow.
    Whatever you do, do it with a smile Enjoy yourself and look forward.
  • Shaping Your Dreams
    Hold close customers’ dreams and employees’ dreams So that you can help to turn these into reality.
    We are able to live now and do this job Thanks to everyone around us. Always be thankful.
  • 8 Principles of the COLORS Code of Conduct
  • Make immediate decisions and take quick action
    The environment we are surrounded by is changing daily so more precise and swift decisions and actions are required. When you request someone to do a task, could you request this to someone who could finish it sooner? Swift decisions and actions lead to trust and reliability. Let’s endeavor to make immediate decisions and take quick actions.
  • Give first and give always -Give&Give-
    “Because I received something from them, I want to return the favor!” If people just thought this way, what do you think the world would be like? It’s not give & take and it’s not cooperation, but just living. People would give purely because of wanting to make those around them happy. If one acted on this sort of thought, it would surely naturally draw people towards them. Also, if anything came up, everyone would help them out. If each of us act sincerely with an attitude of “Give&Give”, we will naturally expand our circle of cooperation and make things which are impossible on one’s own possible as a group.
  • Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live By Mahatma Gandhi
    Treat each day as if it were a treasure and live without holding back so that you have no regrets even if you died tomorrow. Our potential is limitless, and nothing is more beautiful than the humble image of people continuing to learn no matter how old they get. Don’t just be content with yourself as you are now, keep refining yourself with an insatiable desire for perfection.
  • Be afraid of not going forward, Rather than of making mistakes
    If you continue recklessly but in earnest, even if you stumble or feel hurt, once you stand up, you will be able to take the next step forward. The thing you should be afraid of is not taking that step forward because you fear stumbling. Therefore, at COLORS we praise people who challenge themselves. Let’s continue acting with a view to the future without being afraid of mistakes.
  • If someone should do something You become that someone
    Society makes progress daily, so corporations with no innovation decline. COLORS keeps running forward as a leader of society and always communicates new proposals for society. We each individually grasp the chance for reform. Let’s proactively communicate our ideas as living beings who individually can change society and as living beings who can change an era without leaving this to someone else.
  • Praise the success of your colleagues from the bottom of your heart.
    If someone succeeds, give them a round of applause and shake their hand in congratulation. Your colleague’s success leads to the growth of the organization and leads to your own growth. So first humbly praise your colleague’s success from the bottom of your heart and be happy for the growth of the organization. Then use that as motivation for you to grow and become better.
  • Tell others “Thank You”
    The fact that you’re here is not self-evident. When you are doing this job now, you’re able to work comfortably because of the accumulation of hard work and actions of others around you. By telling others “Thank You” the unity of our organization is strengthened. The feelings of gratitude pass from one person to another and are returned to you. Have abundant sensibilities that can be moved by the smallest thing and openly tell others “Thank You.”
  • Enjoy COLORS!
    This lifetime only happens once. We spend over half our lives at the company we work for. If that company fulfills our needs for meaning and enjoyment, then our lives will certainly be wonderful. COLORS was born and exists to make everyone’s lives as wonderful as they could be by having the utmost respect for our employees’ individual personalities and opinions, recognizing one another’s uniqueness, and lifting one another up. Let’s go! Let’s enjoy our lives to the fullest on this stage called COLORS!
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