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Representative Director Takatoshi Kojima COLORS Co., Ltd was founded in June 2009. We had spent the last few years as a company in the beginning of the 21st century. We started this company with the thought that we want to live out the dream to create asset values, while helping to construct a basis for forming property and asset planning for customers, considering what we can do as a single real estate company, while no one knows how society will continue to change. The society we operate in experienced a financial bubble leading to a recession, which has continued for a long time, and we are finally seeing signs of improvement. The effects of this recession and recovery are visible in the environment we live in. Our strongest point as company is the untiring effort we put into observing the changes of the times and continuing to provide products that respond to those changes. We want to be a partner who brings out one room condos freely, improves the creation of added value, and embodies the shape of assets for our customers. While this city, Tokyo, already seems to be mature, it can be said that in our fluctuating society as mentioned before, the market continues to split and divide, like cell division in our body. Within this situation, real estate is a tool in which we can mutually enjoy the value chain of a living space. As we are still a new company, we are fortunate to have both youth and momentum. As time goes by on this path, we will not passively let ourselves get caught up in the flow of the corporate life cycle (Establishment→Growth→Maturation →Decline→Bankruptcy), but rather we would like to continue daily our active metabolic process, replacing the old with the new. For a long time, we will keep maintaining the asset values of condos and consider life plans with our customers. It goes without saying that we endeavor to always support our customers and provide safe and secure products through constantly observing the trends of the times and studying the markets. We look forward to what we can do for our customers from now on.

Representative Director Takatoshi Kojima

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